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Ambica Green Peas



Rendered fresh from mother nature, Ambica Green peas are special as utmost care is taken to provide only naturally grown peas, free from harmful chemicals and artificial colours.

Peas are not only a great source of fiber but are also full of essential vitamins and minerals to the extent that most of these essential nutrients are a daily requirement for a healthy body. The great pea is also a great team player as you may add it to any dish that you are preparing and it would only enhance your dish.

Versatile and nutritious, peas are unique and hence bring to your plate nothing but the best. Ambica green peas not only undergo a careful selection process where each pod is plucked fresh, frozen and packed at state of the art facility where they are kept away from any foreign contamination and bought to you just the way nature wanted. We at Ambica are here to help you “Celebrate Every Moment”.



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