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Ambica Chicken Seekh Kebab


Seekh kebab, also known as the shish kebab is a perfect amalgamation of Asian and African cuisines. This exotic dish was introduced to Indian subcontinent by Mongols.

Making a perfect kebab is a tedious and time consuming process, and takes years of experience before that succulent rich kebab comes to existence. We at Ambica have done all the hard work so that you could enjoy the same great taste. Moreover Ambica Chicken Seekh kebab are processed and packed at a state-of-the-art facility to ensure the best quality and taste.

Just roll the kebabs with a little oil in a pan / tawa or roast them in an oven to bring out the dormant flavours. Serve them at your next get-together. After all, we at Ambica are here to help you�����Celebrate Every Moment������“cmsms_table”>

Nutritional Information (Per 100 g) * Energy 165.89 Kcal Total carbohydrates 10.68 g Sugar 0.33g Protein 18.82 g Fat 5.32 g

*Approximate Value.

Weight 600 kg


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